Hardware is one of the easiest ways to make a huge impact in your space, but we know when it comes to placement, it’s one of the more challenging design dilemmas homeowners face. We are often asked the best way to install cabinet hardware and the answer is, it depends on so many different factors. Helpful, right? 😉

A quick search on Pinterest comes up with so many beautiful (but very different) options for placing hardware which makes it harder to decipher the appropriate size and placement for the style of your cabinetry and the overall look you are trying to achieve. It’s confusing to say the least!

This guide is designed to be overly simplified and provides clear diagrams with examples of some of our favourite hardware for transitional and contemporary cabinetry.


With so many beautiful options for decorative hardware, we’ve broken it down to 3 main categories that we typically use: knobs, pulls, and cup pulls. Traditionally, knobs are installed on cabinet doors and pulls are installed horizontally on drawer fronts.

Having said that, rules are made to be broken! In transitional spaces, we often install the same pull vertically on cabinet doors and panelled refrigerators, and horizontally on drawer fronts and panelled dishwashers.

In the image above, we’ve shown you our go to for transitional cabinetry but we also use this as a guideline for modern and contemporary spaces as well. Feel free to do what what works and feels best for you.

Quick tip: For doors and drawers less than 24″ we like to place the hardware centred side to side and top to bottom. For larger doors and drawers with a shaker profile, divide the interior panel into 4 equal spaces then place your hardware at the 1/4 mark on either side.

For knobs and pulls on cabinet doors, line the bottom (or top) of the hardware with the edge of the door profile.

A transitional kitchen showcases door pulls on drawer fronts and knobs on upper cabinets
A white kitchen showcases hardware pulls installed vertically and horizontally

For a contemporary and modern look, placing the pulls horizontally throughout the space on both doors and drawers is one of our favourite looks! In the infographic below, we’ve shown pulls placed 2 inches from the top of the cabinet face but they looks equally amazing installed centred like in our Transitional examples above. Edge pulls are another favourite for modern spaces!

Quick tip: When designing kitchen islands, we often have 12″ depth cabinets under the overhang for extra storage for items that aren’t used often. Edge pulls are the perfect solution for these cabinets as they are tucked away and your guests won’t bump their knees on protruding hardware.

Contemporary bathroom with wood flat panel cabinets and black horizontal cabinet pulls

We hope this helps with your upcoming projects. Please share this post if you found it helpful and think it might help someone else out as well!

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