Island Pendants are the perfect opportunity to take your kitchen to the next level or to completely transform your current space. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down. Below are our current top favourites to inspire you with tips on how to place them!


If you’re renovating or building new, your electrician is going to ask you at some point where you would like your island pendants placed.

Rule: The height for pendants is best at 33″ – 36″ from the counter top to the bottom of the fixture. For 8′ ceilings, we recommend sticking to 33″ above the counter and for 9′ ceilings and above, we recommend 36″.

The number of pendants will depend on the scale of the fixtures and the size of your island. Traditionally, 3 small scale lights were always placed over kitchen islands. In recent years, there has been a massive shift to larger pendants and therefore, it is best to place 2 fixtures for islands 5′ to 8′ in length. Larger islands over 8′, we will often place 3 fixtures to best fill the space.

Below is an example of our Interior Design drawings from a recently completed project to show you a real life example.

From Left to Right: Front Island Elevation, Rear Island Elevation, Side Island Elevation

Quick tip: When installing two lights over an island, divide the island into 4 equal sections and place a light 1/4 in from each end! For larger islands that require 3 lights, place one in the centre, then divide the island into 6 equal sections and the remaining two fixtures should be placed 1/6 in from each end.

To see more of this project, check out our project reveal here and keep scrolling for some of current inspiration images from Pinterest!

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