While it’s still officially summer, Monday marks the first day of Fall and the mornings are already feeling crisp. We love the changing seasons and are ready to welcome it with chunky knit blankets, pumpkin lined steps, and Halloween decor.

We’ve rounded up our favourite items to transform your front entry for fall and are sharing them below!

We love layering front entry mats and have made it easy for you with a mix and match guide below. Choose your favourite base rug and top it with a cute natural fibre mat for a fun way to welcome guests!

Quick tip: Nothing beats the real deal and we love heading to the local pumpkin patch early to get our hands on heirloom pumpkins in shades of blue, pink and white before they sell out! The best part is they are easy to pop into the compost after Halloween which means they are environmentally friendly too. 🙂 Our favourite local farm is Maan Farms who have an enormous selection of all the pumpkin varieties we love!

Happy decorating!

Let us know your favourite ways to decorate for fall in the comments below and don’t forget to share!