Is it just us or does it feel like Christmas is coming early this year? We both love to decorate for the season and typically wait until the first week of December to start the festivities. However, this year we are itching to break out the Christmas cheer early and have been restraining ourselves for weeks.

During the holidays the real centrepiece of the home is of course the Christmas tree and for us, nothing beats the real thing. But we have to admit, an artificial tree has many benefits… it’s so convenient, doesn’t drop needles and doesn’t need to be watered. And for many, a real tree is just not an option due to apartment restrictions or tree allergies.

So this year, we’ve narrowed down our favourite real and artificial Christmas trees in all shapes, sizes and price points to suit everyone. You guys, some of the artificial ones look so real… just light a woodsy candle and you’d never know the difference!


There’s a few main things to consider when choosing your perfect artificial tree which are broken down into a few main categories:

Real Feel PE Tips: This is the most realistic looking tree but also the most expensive.

PVC: This is the least expensive and unrealistic looking.

Real Feel PE Tips/PVC: To keep cost down, many trees are PVC on the inner branches with Real Feel PE Tips so the life like branches are what’s visible when the tree is decorated.

Our Favourite Artificial Trees:

1. Classic Fir:

This 6ft prelit Fir Christmas Tree has Real Feel PE Tips, with a PVC core. For $249 + shipping, this tree is a great deal!

2. Sparse Spruce:

We love this little Spruce for it’s super realistic look! It’s a 7.5′ tall fully PE tip tree and under $400 as it’s not pre-lit. Its sparse look is perfect for hanging larger ornaments and creates a traditional Farmhouse feel.

3. Full Fir:

At $635, this Fir has a higher price tag than some, however, with 9 light settings and colours and it’s ultra realistic look, we think it’s worth every penny! It’s a 7.5′ tall fully PE tip tree with a 5′ base so make sure your home has space for it to fit. Its full look is so classic and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

4. Flocked Fir:

There’s something so magical about a flocked tree and this guy is super cute! At 7.5′, it’s a good size for the price and the thicker “snow” makes it looks more realistic as opposed to some options we’ve seen that look more spray painted than flocked. Price is approximately $360 including shipping.

5. Normandy Fir:

Fir trees are a definite favourite and this 7′ Normandy Fir is quite stunning. It’s a combo PE/PVC and prelit. The best part is that if one light breaks, the rest will continue to stay lit which is pretty fantastic. At $300, this is a fantastic deal!

6. Flocked Spruce:

White is our favourite colour and this tree is oh so pretty! At 7.5′ tall and 48″ wide at the base, it’s great for rooms with less floor space. This prelit tree is only $300 and comes with a 2 year warranty.

White flocked Christmas tree
Modern simple Christmas tree

Our Favourite Live Trees:

Head on down to your local tree farm or nursery to cut or pick the perfect sized tree. Remember, trees look much smaller outside so bring a measuring tape to make sure the height is at least 1′ to 1.5′ below your ceiling height.

1. Fraser Fir:

The Fraser fir is one of our all time favourites. The branches angle slightly upward and are extra sturdy, making it ideal for heavy ornaments. The short needles don’t shed easily and with regular watering lasts weeks!

2. Balsam Fir:

Similar to the Fraser Fir, the Balsam has slightly silver needles and are typically used for wreaths as well. It has sturdy branches which are also great for heavy ornaments and doesn’t drop it’s needles.

3. White Spruce:

Commonly referred to as Canadian Spruce, the White Spruce has short blue-green needles that are short and sturdy. It has a milder scent than the Fir options. We love it’s sparse look which is perfect for hanging larger ornaments.

Simple sparse Christmas tree with black and white ornaments
Christmas tree with gold ornaments and a wicker tree ring

Our Favourite Tree Skirts:

Regardless of what kind of tree is your perfect match, every one needs a tree skirt. We’ve narrowed down our favourite finds below!

6 perfect Christmas Tree skirts

We hope this helps with your search for the perfect Christmas tree. Please share this post if you found it helpful and think it might help someone else out as well!

If you have any specific questions, comment below or send us a DM on instagram!