Our Online Home Designs are based on our award winning designs and take the guesswork out of design so every detail is thoughtfully curated. Every finish and fixture you need to create your dream home has been selected to make sure there is no decision fatigue during your renovation or new build.

Our Design Guide provides you with a detailed action plan to guide you through every step of your renovation or build. We know that every project is different and each client has specific needs. This guide also provides you with in depth information about the product options we have included in our Finish + Fixture Handbook.

The Finish + Fixture Handbook is the backbone of all successful Interior Design Projects. Every fixture and finish you will need to purchase is conveniently divided into main categories such as flooring, tile, paint, plumbing, hardware, etc which makes it easy to obtain accurate quotes. Detailed information is included for each item including links and resources to purchase with areas to customize the information that is unique to your project eg. Product quantity, custom options, etc.  

With over 150 full scale Interior Design projects completed to date, you can feel confident that we have curated quality items that will help you create your dream home. 

The process is simple! Select the Online Home Design that suits you, click to purchase and your Finish + Fixture Handbook and Resource Guide can be downloaded directly after checkout or from the email you will receive moments after checking out.

Sometimes products, unfortunately, go out of stock or (thanks to disruptions in product supply chains during the pandemic and many other reasons!) have longer than normal lead times. The benefit of our Online Home Design is that it saves you time and products can be ordered well in advance to ensure you receive your products on time. On the rare occasion a product is discontinued within 12 months of purchase, simply send us an email with the link to the product that is no longer available and we will send you an alternative free of charge within 2 business days. 

The ideal time to purchase your Online Home Design is before your project starts or during the beginning stage of construction. This will allow you time to review your Finish + Fixture Handbook and Design Guide in detail, which provides invaluable information on how to choose the right product options for your lifestyle.

This is a complimentary 40 minute Zoom or in person meeting at one of our offices(Surrey or Mission, BC)with an experienced Interior Designer. During this meeting, we will review your project in detail and answer any questions you may have.

We understand that everyone is unique which is why we have included options for items such as lighting, flooring and paint colours to help you customize your design. We can also provide you with up to 2 finish or fixture revisions in our Finish + Fixture Review Meeting. If you would like to have us provide any other additional options for any items, we would be happy to provide hourly meetings with a designer which can be directly purchased from our website. Alternatively, when placing your orders with local vendors, their sales representatives can help you to make customizations to your design by sourcing appropriate alternative choices based on preference or budget.

When it comes to building or renovating, we can’t stress enough the advantage of hiring a reputable contractor to help you execute your project. By providing your Finish + Fixture Handbook to the contractor they will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

With the purchase of an Online Home Design, you will also receive our Design Guide which provides detailed and invaluable information on how to choose the right products for your lifestyle based on durability and cost. 

The idea for Online Home Design was born from the idea that design should be accessible to everyone. By simplifying the process, we are able to provide great design at a fraction of the cost. For more information on our Custom Interior Design Services, contact us here

Absolutely! We are more than happy to provide hourly meetings with a designer which can be directly purchased from our website